2 Timothy 3:10-17 – Bob Claycamp

Here are the notes from Bob Claycamp’s message that the Day in the Word Conference.

Matt 28:30 – “I am with you always” – Discipleship is a life long process not a 12 week program

Three deadly seeds against Discipleship
– Comfort
– Conveniency
– Complacency

Nine areas of Discipleship
from Paul’s last letter to young pastor Timothy: “this is what you’ve seen in my life, this is how I discipled you”

Life Witness
1. Doctrine (James 3:17 – content and the way the content is relayed)
2. Manner of life – no duplicity in Paul’s life.
3. Purpose – three level purpose: far-reaching (to glorify God in everything), mid-level (carrying out ministry that God gives to individuals), day-to-day purpose (you can only do the other two if you are effective at meeting Jesus day to day).

Fruitfulness during Trials – fruits of the Spirit evident coming from Paul’s life even in hard times
4. Faith – 2 Cor 11:23-28. Timothy saw Paul in the midst of these circumstances and he witnessed faith come up to the surface each time.
5. Long-suffering – “being offended and loving back”. He saw Paul suffer from the words of people but loves back.
6. Love – Paul loved back. He didn’t allow bitterness.

Overcoming Life Threatening Situations
7. Perseverance – the characteristic of being unswerving in conviction, even because of …..
8. Persecutions
9. Afflictions

Timothy had seen these things in Paul’s life, as Paul had discipled him.

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