We believe that the church exists for one primary purpose: to exalt the person and work of Jesus. This means that we seek to make His work (the gospel) and His person (the Bible) our central focus.

The Gospel

Just as Jesus was the first missionary we believe that Jesus instructed all believers to continue His mission by engaging and loving the people of their communities as missionaries. We are instructed to “be in the world” and serve the city in the hope of winning the city for the name of Jesus.

We believe we are also “called out” to have different values and principles from the world. This means we seek to create a community within a community. One that is not isolated but one that is in the heart of the community yet seeking to retain our Biblical identity.

The Bible

Whenever God is seen creating anything he does it through His Word. He sent Jesus as the Word made flesh. At Calvary, our mission is to make Jesus central and to exalt Him by finding out of God has said about Him in the Bible.