Talking about Real People and Places

Let’s face it .. Zoom isn’t a real place. Online church isn’t either. However great these technologies are they are not real. They are electrical processes that mimic the real world. You nickname on a Zoom meeting isn’t real either. It’s just a collection of words that might mean something during the meeting … but the meeting only lasts for a while then it’s over. There’s not lasting connection because .. well the connections been pulled!

It’s our conviction that church involves real people and real places.

This is why we’re introducing a series into our Life Group meetings about this very issue. We’re encouraging you to read the book “Analog Church” (excuse the US spelling). We’ll discuss this in detail at our Life Groups .. pull out the things we disagree with and hold onto the things we affirm. By God’s help we’ll become the church God wants us to be – especially as we seek to do that in-person and digitally.

Speak to your Life Group Leader to get your book. If you’re isolating please let them know you need one so you can read along.



8 Comments On “Talking about Real People and Places”

  1. I have read the introduction and first chapter…..very sounds interesting….but I am a bit disappointed If this mean we will not be doing more in depth study of chapters 9-11 of Romans which I was really looking forward too


  2. Bill was referring to going through Romans in life groups. He is well aware that we are continuing Romans on a Sunday. I appreciate he should of made himself clearer.


  3. Sorry……I must be confused…..I simply thought you meant we would be going through this book in Life Groups ….in the next few weeks rather than doing anything else…Or maybe you were simply saying we would be encouraged to simply read the book…as well as what we normally do….I might simply that I misunderstood you blog


  4. The last line should have read… might simply be that I misunderstood your blog


  5. I agree with bill I must have misunderstood your blog as well. Will we be discussing this book or the bible in life groups?


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