We are so excited that you found us! We’re a friendly, family church in Southampton who is traditional in substance but contemporary in style. We are committed to the verse by verse study of the Bible and we love Jesus and want to make Him known in all that we do. Why don’t you consider coming along and saying hi to us?

Latest Sermon

Acts 2:1-21 – What Pentecost means today

We all know what happened on the day of Pentecost, but does the events of that day have any bearing on today

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Last Week's Sermon

Cradle to the Cross – Part 3 – The Right Reason

The Christmas story doesn’t finish with the shepherds and wise men around a cradle. The Christmas story finds it’s completion at the cross, where Jesus, Gomadede man, was executed for the sins of the world.

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Previous Week's Sermon

Cradle to the Cross – Part 2 – The Right Person

Christmas celebrates the “Incarnation” – this is the first part of the answer to all of the mans’ problems. God has come in the flesh – that’s what we mean by the term “incarnation”. Paul says: God sent forth his Son, to fix the problem of sin and death, God stepped into humanity, became a man and then…

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