Christmas Week Reading Plan

It is always good to read the Bible. No matter what time of year it is we should be people who are reading it and meditating on it daily. Christmas however poses additional problems: the rush of preparation; the awkward conversations with relatives about where you’re going this year; tv adverts bombarding us with reminders to buy presents etc etc. And so sometimes at Christmas the Bible gets a bit crowded out. We should resist this. So, with that in mind here is a 7 day reading list that you can used to prepare:

Day 1 – Isaiah 7:13–14 & Isaiah 11:1–10 – The Prophesy of Jesus

Day 2 : Luke 1:1-25 – Birth of John the Baptist Foretold

Day 3: Luke 1:26-38 – Birth of Jesus Foretold

Day 4: Luke 2:1-21 – Birth of Jesus

Day 5: Luke 2:22-40 – Jesus Presented at the Temple

Day 6: Matthew 2 – Wise Men Visit the Messiah

Day 7: Luke 2:41-52 – Boy Jesus at the Temple

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