W H E N  &  W H E R E  ?

Sundays at Calvary Southampton take place (10:30AM) online at https://calvarysoton.online.church/ - kids and youth materials provided too!

Life Group Mid Week home groups place online via our Online Communities. Click here to view when they take place and how to join. Open to anyone for prayer and Bible study.

Friday Tea & Chat - an informal group that just hangs out online via our Online Communities. Click here find out how to join. Open to anyone!




S U N D A Y  M O R N I N G

At Calvary Southampton we make it our biggest priority to keep God at the centre of all that we do.

At 10:30am we're led by our band in congregational worship, which is shortly followed by an insightful, thought provoking message usually delivered by Simon Lawrenson (Lead Pastor) or another member of our church eldership. 

The whole service is just over 90 minutes long. Come and go as you please. Chat with other visitors or message our host with questions. Ask for prayer and follow along with the inline Bible. 


One of the things that we really hope you'll sense when you visit us online is that we love families. During our online service we will publish printable children's resources for ages (3-10 years old), as well youth materials for ages 11-13.



Our Online Communities are just that ... virutal communities that communicate via video, chat and telephone. Four times a week we gather to read the Bible, worship and pray together. Every Friday evening for informal community via our online community. Click here to find out how to join