Romans 1 – Homosexuality

In our Sunday sermon last week we looked at the passage from Romans 1 where Paul talks about homosexuality. If you missed that sermon you can hear it here:

There have been two responses from this sermon:

  1. No response. I mean … nothing. Not necessarily a good thing and I’d appreciate feedback if for nothing else to help better my preaching.
  2. An expected response from others. The comment to me went like this “I expect you’ve been inundated with people saying things about your sermon”. Strange given the fact that I haven’t had any response at all. This suggests that people are saying a fair bit, but not to me.

So, those things to say: if you have any feedback I’d genuinely love to hear it. I want to know your thoughts about the issue – this will help me gauge where we are in regards to the church but also help me clarify my own position on the subject.

I also thought, for the purpose of this blog, that it would be helpful to repost a few articles that were written back in 2018 on this issue.

Pride, the Bible and the Church Part 1

This is actually a repost of a talk that Rob Wood gave at our church in 2017. Rob is from True Freedom Trust, a UK-based teaching and pastoral support ministry that holds to the orthodox biblical view of sex, gender and relationships. The talk was entitled “The Biblical Inclusive Church” and is really worth a listen.

Pride, the Bible and the Church Part 2

In this article, Sam Allberry writes on the biblical view of homosexuality. Sam is part of the Living Out organisation and part of the ministerial team at St Mary’s in Maidenhead.

The Bible is Good News

This post contains two video messages that were given at the 2016 Solas Conference by Ed Shaw, author of the book called “The Plausibility Problem“. In these two videos, Ed explores the two topics “God’s Word is Good” and God’s Way is Plausible”. There are particularly helpful in reference to what we spoke about last weekend: that Christians come to this issue with a framework, with a set of assumptions and premises.

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