Is it God’s Will for Russia to Invade Ukraine

A tough subject to deal with today on the podcast – “Is it God’s will for Russia to invade Ukraine?” So in this podcast episode we talk about God’s will and what that means. Here it is:

3 Comments On “Is it God’s Will for Russia to Invade Ukraine”

  1. Interesting views as usual ….some of which I absolutely agree with ….but isn’t the question you are asking the same question that Habakuk asks in his book…how can you use Babylon to attack Israel…Babylon were evil…Babylon did dreadful things….but God was totally in control of this situation….and used them to accomplish his purposes …and later punished them for the over the top use of power….God was not evil….he didn’t make Babylon evil….but he certainly use there power against Israel ….for his will happen….


  2. The issue with your application is that Ukraine is not Israel and so you can’t apply God’s decreed will in this instance.

    You statement “totally in control” needs clarifying because it suggests that God bombed that hospital.


  3. These are very complicated things,,…thank you for your response


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