Pride, the Bible and the Church Part 1

This weekend saw the Southampton Pride March through the centre of Southampton and so I thought it timely to write a series of short articles on what the Bible says about homosexuality. why the Bible is good news for gay people and what the Christians response should be to those who are same-sex attracted. I’m going to link to some other organisations and authors who can write much better than I on the subject but I also hope to bring us as a church together on our approach to loving a group of people who are increasingly become more and more marginalised by the wider church.

As a word of warning: blogs, videos and audio recordings don’t always convey the heart and sentiment of a face to face conversation and this topic must be discussed face to face. If something is unclear, please come and ask us to clarify. If something is wrong please come and talk to us and help us understand the issues. If you’re reading this as someone who is same-sex attracted please know that we love you and believe that God loves you too.

Last year we invited Rob Wood from True Freedom Trust to come and talk to us about what a Biblical Inclusive Church looks like. It’s a helpful talk and I’d encourage you to have a listen to what Rob had to say to us:



In the next post, we’ll be trying to understand what the Bible says about same-sex attraction. You can get all of the posts here


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