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I had a conversation this week about the importance of the Bible versus the importance of other books. The conversation
Are we approaching the biblical "end of times' scenario? How is this made known to us through the Bible? Can
Let's face it .. Zoom isn't a real place. Online church isn't either. However great these technologies are they are
As we prepare to return to in-person Sunday worship - we can't wait! - we've needed to make some changes
We often think that serving in church is a big weekly job. A few hours on a Sunday morning setting
Randy Alcorn posted a super helpful blog  post last week that was so timely I thought I'd share it Like
Read about Henry Parsons Crowell, founder of Quaker Oats and giant in the Christian faith
We're Back - that's the big news this month! In-person gatherings have already started and although we had some technical
With the move to in-person gatherings taking place in a couple of weeks time I thought it would be good
I came across a really interesting list on how the Bible affirms both God's sovereignty and human choice (particularly interesting
I came across a tweet recently by Richard Caldwell. It reads: "Could it be that God didn't wire us to
One of the things that the Lord has really been speaking to me about over the last 6 months is
Wasn't it just awesome to finally arrive at Romans chapter 8?  Chapters 1-7 are, of course, an indispensable foundation, showing
For those who were unable to meet online this week here is a summary of our discussion: We are so
In this weeks sermon passage there is a verse that has cause some controversy and I thought I'd take this