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Using FaithLife on your Phone
For several years we have used some software called FaithLife Proclaim to send church presentations on a Sunday morning to
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FoodBank Open
Our foodbank is open again. Last year we helped to feed 8654 people in Southampton. THAT’s AMAZING! So we’ve decided
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The Need for Praying
Praying has seen a bit of a revival in many churches over the last few years. “Healing Prayer”, Prayer rooms
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The New Life
Knowing God and trying to live the Christian life involves three main things: Bible, Prayer and Worship. The Bible. The
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Do Not covet
Do Not Covet
“Do not covet” – for the last 9 Sunday’s we’ve been exploring the 10 commandments – we finish them tomorrow.
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Calvary Rooted - Students at Calvary Southampton
Welcome Students – Calvary Rooted
If you’re one of the thousands of students who have decided to study in Southampton and make it home for
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Letting Go
Last Sunday we explored the commandment “Do not Steal” as given in Exodus 20:15. To get the sermon entitled “The
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Getting to the Heart of Lust
Last Sunday Bill Diaper shared about the 7th commandment: “Do not commit adultery”. Here is the sermon page for you
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Murder and the sanctity of life
Murder and the Sanctity of Life
“We stand up for the unborn. We stand up for the aged, the disabled, the persecuted, the immigrant, the orphan,
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The Big Ten: Honour for the Honourable
Yesterday we continued our mini-series on the Ten Commandments.  If you couldn’t join us then you can catch up here. 
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Rhythms of Rest
On Sunday we continued our study of Exodus there at Mount Sinai as we joined the Israelites amidst the peals
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Where does my faith come from?
The function of faith in salvation is an important theological issue. Since faith is essential for salvation, where does faith
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Notes on Ephesians 2:1-10
In this post, I will be reflecting on one of this year’s Creation Fest UK messages as well as adding
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Book Review: Confronting Christianity
One of my Summer reading books this year was the book by Rebecca McLaughlin called “Confronting Christianity”. I had been
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The Big Ten
The Big Ten: No Other Name
This morning we continued our series-within-a-series, pausing on the Ten Commandments to really drill down into each one.  As always,
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