This page will tell you about the beliefs that Calvary Chapel holds. Calvary Chapel Southampton is part of the world-wide Calvary Global Network. Our beliefs alight with all Calvary Chapel churches as well as the Evangelical Alliance.

At Calvary Chapel, we are a community of believers united by our unwavering faith in Jesus Christ and a commitment to studying and living by the teachings of the Bible. Founded on the principle of expository teaching, we strive to present God’s Word in a clear, relevant, and life-changing manner.

Our core belief is that the Bible is the inspired and inerrant Word of God, providing us with the ultimate guide for faith and practice. Through verse-by-verse teaching, we seek to understand the Scriptures in their original context, drawing powerful applications for our lives today.

Connected to Calvary Global Network:

Missional Life + Ministry

CGN values the flexibility to be both biblically faithful and culturally engaging as we proclaim the unchanging gospel message in terms and methods that overcome cultural and social barriers to understanding. We further believe that every local body of Christians should be free and encouraged to practice the essence of the faith in local church expressions that resonate deeply with their cultural context and background.

Gospel-centered Life + Ministry

CGN values a gospel-centered approach to life and ministry, exalting in and working from the implications of the life, death, burial and resurrection of Jesus. We believe Christian preaching, discipleship and church planting efforts should be intentionally gospel-centered in theology and practice.

Kingdom Vision

CGN values God’s work and wisdom through the worldwide body of Christ – acknowledging diversity of theological and ministry convictions. We welcome and pursue collaborative ministry partnerships with like-minded movements, denominations, churches, seminaries and other Christian ministries, for the sake of the gospel.

Biblical Literacy

CGN values the essentiality of the Bible to Christian faith and spirituality. We believe healthy Christian lives and congregations require biblical teaching and education through culturally appropriate methods, that God’s people might understand His will, submit to His authority and find vitality in His truth.