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The Bible, Mental Health and Living the Christian Life


Eager to Grow

Welcome to our Bible Resources area. At Calvary Chapel, we believe that the power of God’s Word has the ability to transform lives, inspire hearts, and guide us in our journey of faith. Our sermon page is a virtual sanctuary where you can find a treasure trove of insightful, uplifting, and thought-provoking sermons that are rooted in the teachings of the Bible.

Led by our dedicated preaching team, our sermons and Bible Resources aim to deliver the profound truths of Scripture, providing practical guidance for navigating the challenges of life and drawing closer to God. Whether you’re seeking answers to life’s toughest questions, looking for spiritual nourishment, or simply seeking to grow in your relationship with Christ, our Sermon Page offers a diverse collection of messages that cater to various aspects of your faith journey.

We believe that God has something that He wants to say to you and He has done that in the Bible. Through the work of the Holy Spirit God will speak to you. We believe that the Bible is the inspired, inerrant and authoritative Word of God. We believe the Bible is the final authority in every area it addresses for every individual Christian, as well as for the church collectively (2 Timothy 3:16-172 Peter 1:21John 10:35).