Beating Hearts When Life Lacks Purpose

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Beating Hearts When Life Lacks Purpose

22 October, 2023

Series: Beating Hearts

Topic: Mental Health

Book: Ezekiel

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This is part 6 of our sermon series “Beating Hearts: The Bible, Mental Health and Living the Christian Life”. In this sermon we looking at “Beating Hearts When Life Lacks Purpose”.

According to the Bible, every part of our lives have been affected by “The Fall” and our once good and perfect lives have suffered at the hands of our great enemy, Satan. Consequently we now find ourselves struggling with all kinds of health issues, including mental health, simply because we are not who we were created to be. Jesus came to “set prisoners free” and in doing so has given us the power to face our mental health struggles. There is no quick fix to our emotional challenges but God has provided a way in which we can have hope: “I will give you a new heart and a new spirit within you”.

In this sermon we look at the issues of shame and how it affects purpose