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UNCLEAN! - Leviticus 12-15

12 May, 2024

Series: Holy

Book: Leviticus

Scripture: Leviticus 12-15

Leviticus 12-15 deals with ritual purity and impurity in ancient Israel. It focuses on bodily fluids and conditions, and the rituals that were required to restore purity after childbirth, menstruation, seminal emissions, and certain skin diseases.

Here’s a breakdown of the chapters:

  • Chapter 12: Purification rituals after childbirth for both mother and child.

  • Chapter 13: Diagnosing leprosy, a contagious skin disease.

  • Chapter 14: Purification rituals for those healed of leprosy.

  • Chapter 15: Bodily discharges (menstruation, seminal emissions) and skin sores, and the purification rituals associated with them.