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Let's face it .. Zoom isn't a real place. Online church isn't either. However great these technologies are they are
As we prepare to return to in-person Sunday worship - we can't wait! - we've needed to make some changes
We often think that serving in church is a big weekly job. A few hours on a Sunday morning setting
Randy Alcorn posted a super helpful blog  post last week that was so timely I thought I'd share it Like
Read about Henry Parsons Crowell, founder of Quaker Oats and giant in the Christian faith
We're Back - that's the big news this month! In-person gatherings have already started and although we had some technical
With the move to in-person gatherings taking place in a couple of weeks time I thought it would be good
I came across a really interesting list on how the Bible affirms both God's sovereignty and human choice (particularly interesting
I came across a tweet recently by Richard Caldwell. It reads: "Could it be that God didn't wire us to
One of the things that the Lord has really been speaking to me about over the last 6 months is
Wasn't it just awesome to finally arrive at Romans chapter 8?  Chapters 1-7 are, of course, an indispensable foundation, showing
For those who were unable to meet online this week here is a summary of our discussion: We are so
In this weeks sermon passage there is a verse that has cause some controversy and I thought I'd take this
This weeks quote comes from Randy Alcorn's book "Hand in Hand" but the quote is from Spurgeon: I see in
With some churches deciding to meet back face-to-face and a growing idea that what we now face is an endemic rather than