5 Questions to Ask of the Sermon

I was inspired this week as I read a blog post by Pastor Scott Slayton of Chelsea Village Baptist Church. He posted an article called “5 questions I ask of every sermon” It intrigued because he is the teaching pastor of the church that he serves at – so in effect he is self-evaluating his own sermons. A good piece of wisdom there. By the way, for years, on a Sunday afternoon, I listened to the sermons that preached. I think it helped me although it was pretty painful at times! I still, often, listen to the church podcast. Why? I want to deliver to you the best sermons I can. It’s one of my greatest privileges – to bring to you the Word of God every week.

If you don’t preach, you may wonder what this post has to do with you … but carry on reading because we should all want to take God’s Word more seriously – whether we are preaching or listening.

Here are Pastor Scotts five questions:

  1. Is this sermon faithful to the biblical text?

  2. Is the Gospel message clear in this sermon?

  3. Does this sermon contain grace for hurting people?

  4. Does this sermon confront Christians in their sin?

  5. Does this sermon call unbelievers to faith in Christ?

My prayer is that these questions would not only make me a better preacher but you better listeners.


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