A better us

As a pastor, I am continually thinking about church stuff. I am continually thinking about you. It’s not the past that I dwell on or even the present … what consumes most of my thoughts is the answer to this question:

[big_box]”How can we become all that God wants us to be?”[/big_box]

The future has so many challenges but the things I really want is that I want to be who we are. 

 But I want us to be better.

Better lovers of Jesus.  Better servants outside the walls of our church.  Better lovers of people.  Better worshippers.  Better ‘doers of the Word’.  Better at realizing our weakness and imperfection.  Better at soaking in grace rather than beating ourselves up.

I don’t want better programs, bigger numbers, and professional displays.  I want to walk in unity with broken people who know their brokenness, and live lives that overflow with the Gospel.

I want to be who we are… but better.

I know that I can’t do much… but I can do a little and depend on the Holy Spirit to make things happen…

I’ve stocked my Kindle with new books about living the Gospel as servants in our communities.  I am striving to establish a solid ‘Gospel’ foundation with my elders and my regular ‘counselees’.  I’m reading prayerfully through our next book of study with the hopes that God will present a message and theme to help us be better.  I’m listening to my elders and encouraging ideas.  I’m asking the family for their thoughts.  I’m turning my radio off more often, and when I pray, I am trying to spend more time listening.

I want to be who we are… but I want us to be better.

Depending on the Holy Spirit through prayer and obedience to His Word is the only way. As I take the next few weeks away serving elsewhere this is where my heart will be … seeking God, by His grace, for a better me .. and a better us

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