A soul for the union

If you haven’t heard, there is a EU referendum on 23 June to decide whether the Uk should remain in the EU.We’ve decided to publish and re-publish a series of articles and links to help how you approach the vote. As a church we take no view on whether the UK should remain or leave the EU and the articles linked do not necessarily represent the view of the church leadership. We, as ever, encourage you to be discerning and we post these articles and links to enable you to do that.

Theos, a religion and society think tank, has produced a report called “A Soul for the Union” that tries to speak into one of the main issues that the media coverage of the EU referendum tends to miss: the moral and religious aspects of the debate. The Free PDF download is a 60 page, moderately-light read that brings up some interesting issues and is worth your time and consideration. Here is the link

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