Better by Actions than by Words

“When we have said all that we can, the secret Mysteries of a new Nature, and Divine Life can never be sufficiently expressed; language and words cannot reach them: nor can they be truly understood but by those Souls that are enkindled within, and awakened unto the sense and relish of Spiritual things, There is a spirit in man, and the inspiration of the Almighty giveth this understanding. The power and life of Religion may be better expressed in actions than in words, because actions are more lively things, and do better represent the inward principle whence they proceed, and therefore we may take the best measure of those gracious endowments, from the deportment of those in whom they reside, especially as they are perfectly exemplified in the holy life of our Blessed Saviour, a main part of whose business in this world was to teach by his practise what he did require of others, and to make his own conversation an exact resemblance of those unparalell’d Rules which he prescribed: So that if ever true Goodness was visible to mortal eyes, it was then when his presence did beautify and illustrate this lower world.”

Henry Scougal – The Life of God in the Soul of Man



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