Books I’m Reading

Every now and then I get asked what books I’m reading alongside my Bible reading so here is my current book shelf:

Just Leadership – “Justice is the heart cry of the next generation, but too often our fight for justice is confined to causes, bypassing conversations about individual leaders working in organisations, charities, communities and in our churches.” This book is co-authored by Simon Barrington and Justin Humphreys and is so far excellent and challenging. Right now, it’s asking me “what is motivating you”?  – so I’m not too far into the book but I can say already that this is a much needed read for any leader in any organisation who seeks to put justice at the heart of how they lead.

Even Better than Eden – this was a gift from good friends and a beautiful read so far. It’s by Nancy Guthrie and the purpose of the book seems to be to remind us again of the truth of the gospel. What I’m loving about this book is that it’s a conversational read – no long sentences, not hard to read – soul refreshing.


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