Community Pantry

If you haven’t already come across this scheme .. it’s brilliant! The  RCS Community Pantry at Romsey School is a scheme run by Romsey Community School to give those in the surrounding area (Southampton, Eastleigh, Test Valley) a helping hand by getting food at a discounted price. Items in the pantry include fresh, frozen and general foods.

It’s different from a Food Bank because it’s not means tested and there is a cost. For example, the pantry charges £5 to become a member and in return customers received around £15 worth of goods. When available each member will also be given additional items free of charge like eggs and fresh fruit. You can literally walk in, sign up with your £5 on the day and fill up your shopping basket.

The Community Pantry is open Monday and Fridays from 10am to 2pm all year round and is located at The Romsey School.

In addition to this brilliant project, they are also delivering tens of thousands of meals to those in need.

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