Covid 19 update – May

Last week the Church’s leadership team met to discuss the next phase of our church lockdown. I was so encouraged by the care and attention that our leaders have over you. The summary of our conversation can be highlighted by these main points:

  • Sunday morning services will continue online for the foreseeable future.  This is because social distancing at the School would be very difficult.
  • Virtual Life Groups are most likely here to stay until a vaccine is found. I can’t encourage you enough to get involved in one of these.
  • Given the opportunity from the government, we will look at opportunities to socially gather in outdoor places.
  • We will continue the decentralisation of pastoral care to the wider leadership team.
  • Our Sunday Morning Church can now be found at both and
  • We are experimenting with a second service on Facebook. This takes place at 4 pm on Sunday and you are encouraged to share and distribute to your friend list.
  • Our Sunday morning service is being developed to include more of our church family. You have received an email this week tell you how to get involved.
  • We’re not going to rush to get back to what was normal 8 weeks ago. We’re going to pray, listen to the Holy Spirit as He speaks through others (we are in regular contact with the EA and FIEC committees who are guiding churches, not to mention other church leaders from around the country.)

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