For Your Connect Groups – 9 April 2017

Continuing through the Gospel of Luke this week, we looked at Luke 22:63-23:25.  As you gather together this week for prayer and fellowship, may these brief notes and reminders guide your time together.

Pray Together

  • What are some of the church needs you’re aware of?
  • Who in the church needs your intercession?
  • What are you and your loved ones praying for at the moment?
  • What wider situations can you pray into?

Read Together

If you want to listen to the sermon again, or if you missed it this week, you can listen to it here or via our podcast.  The message outline centred around what we learn about Jesus.  He is:

The Promised Messiah

Jesus faces great injustice as He is tried before the Sanhedrin.  Jesus is clear regarding Who He is, using the title “Son of Man” found in Daniel 7, just as He has been clear on His identity throughout His earthly ministry.  As do many today, the Jewish assembly refuse to accept that Jesus is the Christ (or, Messiah), even though they have seen plenty of evidence (see John 12:37).

  • Have you met people who are similar in their rejection of the Lord Jesus Christ?
  • How have you attempted to share Christ with them?  What was the response?

Recall the great importance of bringing people to God in prayer.  Spend some time doing so in your meeting now, and commit to continuing to do so.

Perfectly Innocent

What reassurance we have in the knowledge that the Lord Jesus Christ is perfect!  His innocence is repeatedly declared in our text — Luke 23:4, 14-15, and see also Judas’ own testimony in Matthew 27:4.  There is great witness to the innocence of Jesus!

Paul spoke in Philippians 3:9 of the fact that, through faith, we receive His righteousness–His perfection becomes ours.  Like Barabbas, we are set free and Jesus Christ takes our place as the condemned man.

  • How does this reality affect your day-to-day?  Your relationships?  Your work?
  • Do you need to regularly remind yourself of God’s grace towards you?  How do you do that?

Polarising King

We see in the text how Herod Antipas and Pilate united over their common treatment of Jesus Christ.  Jesus Christ is polarising: one must have a view regarding Him.  We’ve seen this already in Luke 11:23.  See also Matthew 10:34.

  • Did you live for a time trying to “sit on the fence” regarding Christ?  How did things change for you?
  • Do you know anyone today in that position?  How can you help them get a clearer picture of Jesus Christ?

Keep Each Other Accountable

James tells us that there is power in confessing sins to one another.  Remember, we are all tempted in many ways, we are all saved by the same grace, and all of our hearts are, by default, wicked.  May grace abound.

James 5:16 Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working.

Pray for One Another

Share your prayer needs and requests.  Commit to pray for one another, not just now but throughout the week.

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