God’s Sovereignty and Human Choice

I came across a really interesting list on how the Bible affirms both God’s sovereignty and human choice (particularly interesting in light of our recent and upcoming Romans studies)

God’s Sovereignty:

  • God is the Creator, ruler and possessor of all things
  • God is the ultimate personal cause of al that happens
  • God elects His people
  • God is the Unacknowledged source of good fortune or success

Human choice

  • People face a multitude of divine exhortations and commands
  • People obey, believe and choose God
  • People sin and rebel against God
  • People’s sins are judged by God
  • People are tested by God
  • People receive divine rewards
  • The elect are responsible to respond to God’s initiative
  • Prayers are not mere showpieces scripted by God
  • God literally pleads with sinners to repent and be saved

– D.A Carson

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