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At Calvary we think that one of our main strengths is a love and devotion to be biblically literate people of God. We value taking the time to see what God says through his infallible written word, the Bible.  In this post I’m going to explain the different opportunities that you have at Calvary to get stuck into God’s Word and I want to challenge and encourage you to get “stuck in” and see all that God has for you at Calvary.

Connect Groups

Our connect groups usually consist of 3 of 4 people, meet flexibly each week to study the Bible, pray for each other and encourage and support each other. As these groups are small they are able to meet on days that suit those involved (some choose to meet during a lunch break, others in the evening, others at the week end). Each week we put together Connect Group Resources and distribute them via our Website, Facebook and our weekly email. As we have so many connect groups that meet, and as they meet at different times each week, Connect Groups do not get advertised on our website or the weekly bulletin. We encourage you to get into a connect group for weekly spiritual refreshment and accountability. Our Connect Group Coordinators can help you get into a Connect Group so please get in touch with them.

Study Groups

Each Sunday evening we meet to worship and listen to a short sermon from the Bible. After this we meet in groups of 5-6 and go through some Bible based discipleship material. This is designed to help you go deeper with your walk with the Lord and to give you the tools to do that. We are currently going through some material from The Navigators that encourages Bible reading, bible memorisation and prayer. Study Groups are advertised each week in our bulletin, website and weekly email. We encourage you to come along to our Study Groups so that you can learn the tools you need in order to deepen your walk and well as to glean wisdom from others in the groups.

Sunday Morning Service

On a Sunday morning we meet to worship, hear from God and encourage each other. This is a vital time in the life of our church. Our sermons go through a book of the bible, verse by verse and contain in-depth theology as well as practical application. We hope that by coming prepared to receive from God, armed with notebook and pen, you will not only be instructed, equipped and built up but also motivated as you allow the Holy Spirit to transform you by His Word. Our Sunday Morning Service is advertised each week on our bulletin, website and weekly email.

1:1 Encouragement/Discipleship

Getting together with another person informally during the week is a great way to disciple someone else or to just be encouraged. Meeting like this is integral of living out our Christian life together in community. We encourage you to seek someone out who has lived the Christian life a little longer than you have and ask them to disciple and mentor you. Start by simply reading the Bible together. It’s amazing to see what God does when two hearts are just ready to hear from God. As the nature of these groups are informal and personal, we don’t keep track or advertise who is meeting with who or when they meet. We believe that this should be organic and as natural as possible.

Informal Bible Study Groups

It’s really great when small groups of people decide that they want to study the Bible together. Meeting like this in a home or workplace is a great way to deepen your understanding of Biblical truth. Some people decide to do this for a short season of time, perhaps for a specific reason like married couples who gather once a month to think about what the Bible says about marriage, and then to talk it through with other married couples. In the past we have certainly had groups like this meet and once again, we prefer to keep these groups as organic and natural as possible.

Blog Posts

Each week we publish articles or bible studies that designed to help you get the most out of your Bible. These might be articles asking you to pray for the persecuted church or video sermons from people that we respect. It is of utmost importance that you are studying your bible on your own each day.

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