Pray for Afghan Christians

The picture above is Afghanistan. Not the picture you had in mind of a war torn country? Well bear in mind that you only get it hear what the media want you to hear. You’ve all seen the news this week of Taliban advances in Afghanistan. What you probably have heard less about is how the country has undergone quite a transformation in the last 20 years since the Taliban ousting, where thousands of people have come to know Christ. Now, however, our Christian family is in a dialemma – do they stay and suffer persecution, or leave? One Afghan Christian is reported as saying:

“Listen, God has placed us here; He will sustain us, He will get us through this” – Afghan Christian

You can read about the situation that is facing Afghan Christians in this article by Katey Hearth at Missions Network News and listen to their news briefing here:

At the bottom of the article there was ways in which you can pray – so let’s get praying!

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