Christmas Bible Reading plan

Christmas has arrived .. more than likely you already have your tree and tinsel up and you’re already Christmas shopping. If we’re not purposeful about this time of year the tendency is that we can become a little too materialistic. Well I have a challenge for us .. let’s commit to putting Jesus at the front and centre of our days. One way you can do that is through a simple Christmas Bible Reading plan. The are lots and lots of Christmas Bible reading plans available so I’ve looked at dozens and brought you some of the best:

  • Katie Orr’s “Adore Him” is a 12 day bible reading plan that focuses your heart and mind on the person and nature of God Himself, leading to greater worship of Him. You can get it here
  • From OrganicChristainity comes this brilliant reading plan particularly for omen but also good for those that draw or picture journal. This is another level of reading but it’s sure to bless!
  • Well there has been one for the women, what about the men? Ok, so here’s a great one for men that includes a devotional too. Good for any time of the year
  • If you use YouVersion there is a really good reading plan called “Rediscovering the Christmas Season” and is a really good way to get into the story
  • You want to trace the redemptive story of Jesus in the Bible – watching His promised arrival come to completion and awaiting His second return with renewed hope – here is a really good one
  • Join our church Faithlife Group and get “30 Days with Jesus’. Here’s the link

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