Life Group Notes for Sunday 7 Feb – Romans 12:1-2

Life Group Notes for Sunday 7 February – Romans 12:1-2

Big idea from the message: Paul appeals to us to come down from the mountaintop of theology, and to live it out at ground level.

Discussion questions:

  1. What key things did you take away from the message?
  2. How do you feel about moving away from theology to practice?  Why do you feel that way?
  3. Why did the early believers refer to themselves as “followers of the Way?”
  4. In what ways can we draw parallels between the Exodus and our salvation?
  5. Discuss the phrase “Holiness is neither automatic nor inevitable.”  If this is the case, how do we grow in holiness?  What is our contribution?
  6. Who do you think are the primary people looking at your conduct and way of life?  How conscious are you of this, day to day?
  7. Is there one thing about your day-to-day conduct that the Lord is speaking to you about?
  8. How can we pray for your walk this week?

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