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OK., so I’m dating myself! For you young folks that don’t remember the “I Love Lucy” TV series, the phrase “you’ve got some ‘splainin to do” was a frequent response from the zany redhead’s husband — usually when she did something that got her in trouble. Well, this “Lucy” has been speaking to people ever since she was discovered, and we think she “has some splainin’ to do.”

Over the years I’ve had to deal with the supposed evidence that is said to support the “Lucy” pictured above. Before we examine that evidence, may I remind you that it’s imperative for Christians to study to show themselves approved (2 Tim 2:15) and that we are always to be ready to give an answer for what we believe (1 Pet 3:15). Let me hasten to say that the Bible is the most important book that we can study. But, we also need to be aware of the stumbling blocks that can keep us from effectively communicating to the lost. Therefore, we must be aware of the information the world is using to cast doubt on the Word of God.

The best way to address unbiblical claims is to offer knowledge and answers on the subject, from a biblical perspective, and then encourage people to do more research. Let them decide if what is being taught is true or false. 

I’d now like to share with you how I respond to questions about our supposed evolutionary ancestor, Lucy. We’ll cover this information in three articles.

Reconstructions and pictures of Lucy, always depict her as an upright-walking, apelike ancestor — a clear “missing link” between man and ape.

On a side note, the scientific community has long made the claim that Lucy was a female. However, in Discovery Magazine, March 1996, page 15, it was revealed that two German scientists discovered that Lucy was actually a male. And interestingly, in discussions on renaming Lucy it was suggested to use the name Lucifer. Hmmm! Needless to say, the name wasn’t changed.

Since we know there never was an apelike human ancestor, male or female, we’ll just refer to Lucy as “it.” However, reconstructions of Lucy routinely show it with:

  1. Human Hands
  2. Human Feet
  3. Human Knees
  4. Human Hips
  5. Human Eyes

Where’s the Beef?

Again, I’m dating myself. Let me explain. It can be very confusing when we are inundated with images and video of amazing creatures that seem to depict apelike ancestors. When confronted with such information, I challenge folks to remember one simple thing . . . Wendy’s! (yes, the fast food restaurant, Wendy’s). For those too young to remember, back in the 1980’s Wendy’s advertised using the popular catchphrase, “Where’s the Beef?” It challenged people to look for the meat — and that’s what I want you to do. When you are confronted with claims of evolution, look for the evidence, the real “meat”, and determine for yourself what it shows.

The Bible requires that we be like the Bereans, who “searched the Scriptures daily to find out “whether these things were so” (Acts 17:11). Compare everything to the Word of God. If what we are hearing isn’t lining up with what God says in the Bible, then there’s a huge problem. And the problem isn’t with the Word of God, it is with the message that is not consistent with the Word.

Christians must think critically in this world. Now more than ever, we are living in a world filled with deceptions and we are receiving information disseminated in soundbites. So we must do our research and get complete information. We can then compare it to Scripture and make informed and biblically based decisions.

Well, here’s the “beef” on “Lucy.” This is the “evidence” that is claimed to be Lucy.

In my next article, we’ll start to evaluate this “evidence”. We’ll ask, and answer, the questions:

  • How did they get from the evidence above, to the picture below?
  • Is there scientific/observational evidence to support such reconstructions?
  • Did Lucy really have human hands, feet, hips, etc?

I’ll use both images and videos that are from the evolutionists perspective, then we’ll see if the evidence backs up the claims. In other words, we’ll let the evidence do the “splainin!”

Remember, don’t be deceived by big claims.  Investigate and study to determine the truth. Then deBUNK misinformation…. and most of all, Stay bold!

Carl Kerby and the rforh Team

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