Passion for Life

Passion for Life is about sending the church into the world to win and disciple people for Jesus, just like Jesus commanded.

Calvary wants to be a church who supports the many talents and gifts of the people in the church. We realise that church members are uniquely placed to engage with their own spheres of influence. This might be in sports, hobbies or career paths. We want to encourage people to put on their own events which are facilitated by the church but are unique to each persons sphere of influence.

Some possible examples include:

  • Men’s Curry Night with Comedian and Gospel Message in a pub
  • Ladies Baking Class with Brunch and speaker
  • Free Moped “MOT”
  • Businessman’s Dinner & Guest Speaker
  • Medics Lunch & Seminar with Guest Speaker
  • Art Gallery displaying Passion for Life Art alongside Gospel quotes

Church, start praying about what you can be doing in the run up to Easter and start talking to others about putting on joint events.

In the meantime, here are your social media Passion for Life icons – swap them for your normal icons so that we can raise awareness.

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