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“A phylogenetic tree or evolutionary tree is a branching diagram or “tree” showing the inferred evolutionary relationships among various biological species or other entities based upon similarities and differences in their physical and/or genetic characteristics. The taxa joined together in the tree are implied to have descended from a common ancestor.”

That’s a lot of big words to say that these charts show how everything supposedly evolved from a common ancestor!  These charts can be both intimidating and confusing. I’ve had folks claim that phylogenic charts prove evolution, but I’m going to show how they actually disprove evolution and affirm that God created just as He said He did.

The phylogenetic tree below came from “The Dinosaur Data Book.”  

At first glance it appears just as you would expect.  Evolutionist’s claim that if you start at the bottom and follow it up over the millions of years you’ll see that small reptiles evolved into all of the dinosaurs that we find in the fossil record. 

Let’s look a little closer and read the fine print at the bottom of the chart.  I’ll enlarge it so it’s clearer!

Hmmm, so the red stuff on the chart is “solid fossil evidence” of dinosaurs!  That means the red stuff is proven fact.

The white areas therefore are NOT “solid fossil evidence.”   And since it’s not proven fact, that would mean it’s . . . speculation at best!  Personally, I call it fairy tale or fiction!

So, let’s take a look at the white stuff on the chart.

Remember, the white areas are where the so-called evolution had to have taken place for the evolutionary model to be true!  However, it’s only the red area that indicates “solid fossil evidence.”  So there is no evidence for change/evolution.

According to the evolutionist’s chart, evolution is not based on actual observational evidence.   The actual observational evidence (the red) shows that animals stayed the same and didn’t change into anything else.  That’s exactly what we find in God’s Word!

There’s another very important point… Note the yellow band on the chart below.

The yellow band supposedly indicates 30 Million Years of time.  Please notice how much “evolution” had to take place in 30 million years for the theory of evolution to have any chance at being true.

Look again at the chart.

According to the chart, everything changed incredibly fast for 30 million years, then many didn’t change for the next 150 million years!  Truth be told, it’s actually much worse than that.  The fossil record actually contains things that are dated back to 400 million years and they are exactly the same as what we see today!  Call me skeptical, but I find it hard to believe that an animal can stay exactly the same for long long of a time period.

May I suggest to you there’s another way to look at this evidence.  Maybe they’re not millions of years old!  In the Word of God we are told that God created “kinds” of animals.  As a matter of fact, He used the term “according to its kind” 10 times in Genesis 1 as He created the various types of plants and animals.

What these charts actually show is that one thing, stayed one thing and never changed into anything else!  What we see in the world today and what we read in the Bible is consistent and true.  

The fossil record confirms that one thing, stayed one thing, and never changed from, or into, anything elseConsider these quotes from non-creationists that support our conclusion.

“Given the fact of evolution, one would expect the fossils to document a gradual steady change from ancestral forms to the descendants. But this is not what the paleontologist finds. Instead, he or she finds gaps in just about every phyletic series.”  Ernst Mayr (Professor Emeritus, Museum of Comparative Zoology at Harvard University, hailed as the Darwin of the 20th century), What Evolution Is, 2001, p. 14.

“ . . . instead of finding the slow, smooth and progressive changes Lyell and Darwin had expected, they saw in the fossil records rapid bursts of change, new species appearing seemingly out of nowhere and the remaining unchanged patterns hauntingly reminiscent of creation.”

Pagel M., “Happy accidents?,” Nature, Vol 397, pg. 665 (February 25, 1999)

If you’re ever confronted with the phylogenic charts as proof of evolution, remember the fallacies in their theory and share with the skeptics the truth of “In the beginning, God created…”

Stay bold,
Carl and the rforh Team!

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