Put Your Faith to Work
But Jesus said, “Let the children come to me. Don’t stop them! For the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to those who are like these children.”
Matthew 19:14

Jesus’ teaching in this passage is astonishingly simple and yet incredibly profound. The summary? Ok  …

[iconbox icon=”Book.png”]Disciples of Jesus should remove all hindrances that keep children from coming to Jesus.[/iconbox]

Did you get that? We should try, with all our might, to remove problems that stop children coming to Jesus. What are these hindrances? Well let me tell you just one: the hindrance of the lack of teachers.

I believe that God sent Richard and Bekah, Aaron and China, and now Joe and Jenni to Calvary for a very important role – to reach out to families through ministry to children. These six people have spearheaded and done great deeds for the Kingdom and their influence will be felt for eternity. We want to continue to see families transformed by the power of the gospel – from the oldest to the youngest! If we pray for our Family Ministry Leaders and cooperate with them, I believe God will do a mighty work through them to bring children to Himself and raise up a new generation of disciples who put their hope in the Lord. This absolutely excites me! This is one of the reasons why we exist isn’t it?

Our hands are for others and we demonstrate our love for each other by being the least, preferring others above ourselves and joyfully giving ourselves away.

So, here’s the situation with our annual Holiday Bible Club the moment: we need helpers. We know for a fact that, over the last two or three years, children and families have heard about Jesus Christ (and have had some amazing fun times as well).  We are passionate about continuing this valuable outreach, but we can only do it if we have the right people to help make it happen.  This is where you come in.  I don’t want to only encourage you to pray about it, I don’t want to encourage you to only consider helping. I want to exhort you to lend a hand, whether in practical service, planning or even in teaching and leading.  This is a great Gospel outreach opportunity, where unchurched children and families are hearing about the glorious grace on offer to them in Christ.

[big_box]Put your faith to work![/big_box]
Send Joe or Jenni and email and let them know that you can help!

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