New Sermon Series in Romans

sermon series romans

I pleased to let you know that tomorrow (Sunday 12 Jan 20) we’ll be starting a new sermon series through the book of Romans. Paul’s thesis on the gospel is rich and deep so we’re taking over a year to study it. As usual, we plan to cover every verse and every chapter. Alongside our studies, we’ll be encouraging you to journal your way through the book and we’re providing custom “Grace Changes Everything” books for you to do this. Don’t worry, we’ll walk you through this! Our prayer is that this will be more than a series of sermons but will help you grow in your walk with Christ.

Why does grace change everything? Well, because grace means “God’s kindness”. God is kind and acts towards us in kindness. He doesn’t expect anything in return and loves us just as we are. He’s a wonderful God who sets up home in our lives to start renovating that home so that it will one day be perfect. So although he welcomes all, in His kindness he wants to help us become more than we ever imagined.

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