Sanctification in Quarantine

This week I was able to reflect a little on the idea of sanctification and stumbled on this post that I think is helpful:

“I’m worn down.

Early on, this isolation felt like a reprieve from our formerly busy schedules. No meetings, no pastoral visits that kept my husband away from home in the evenings, no ball practices or tutoring. No hurried school drop-offs or pick-ups. No cooking a meal for Sunday afternoon potlucks while scrambling to get ready for church on Sunday mornings. The emptied calendar was a welcome respite. I welcomed the quietness of a long, unhurried day that would be replicated again and again.

But a month into this, and I’m beat.

The longer this isolation continues, the more readily my sin rises to the surface. The longer we’re all here huddled in one house with one long, same reality, the more I see the parts of myself that I ordinarily coat with relationships and shopping and coffee shop visits and work and traveling and conversations. When it’s all stripped away, the girl in the mirror doesn’t fare well under pressure. I don’t sleep well; my emotions are constantly frayed at the edges with irritation. Every morning, I read my Bible and then lace up my shoes and walk out the front door. I run the streets of my neighborhood with one reverberating prayer in my heart: “Lord, help me to be different when I get home.”

The rest of the post can be found here

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