The EU Referendum: To Leave, Or Not To Leave – That Is The Question

A really good post by “Paulmokks” at “Ink Stain of an Observer” on the Christian dilemma of the EU vote. This is well worth your time to read, particularly if you’re undecided on how to vote:

“The EU referendum is the talk of the town – and it’s a pretty big town. Less than three weeks away now and everyone is reaching for the microphone on this event. US President Obama has spoken out against Britain leaving the EU, warning about the effect an exit would have on trade deal negotiations. Mark Carney, the Governor of the Bank of England, has also cautioned that a vote to leave the EU could have material economic effects in the short term, potentially even including a recession. On the flip side, you have Donald Trump, the Republican US presidential nominee, sharing his personal belief that the UK would be better off outside the EU.

Read the rest here:

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