The Pilgrim Church

Since we are going through the book of Acts – and the first study almost coincides with the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation I thought I’d suggest a great book for you to read!

The Pilgrim Church is a book by British author and missionary E.H. Broadbent. Tracing the pathway of Church history from Pentecost to the Twentieth Century this is an accessible and exciting read.

From the back cover:

It ought to be obvious to even the casual observer of history that the real story of the church is not the one recorded in secular history. This classic work by E.H. Broadbent demonstrates that the true heart of this amazing drama is not even recorded in church history books.

This is the saga of those intrepid believers, “of whom the world was not worthy”, who not only were persecuted by civil authorities, but were denounced, defamed, and decimated by the professing church.

Who were the Waldensians? The Lollards? The Stundists? The Anabaptists? These names were given by their enemies to those who claimed only the name of Christ, and who were prepared to suffer for His cause rather than submit to those man-made traditions that they believed contradicted the Word of God.

Written in an engaging style, the author will thrill your heart with the stories of unknown heroes of the faith. It will spur you on to greater devotion to the Lord Jesus and a deeper concern for His suffering people in many countries today


This book is now available to download. Click here for the link

You can also purchase this book here

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