The Transhumanism Revolution

A few months back I received the draft for a book called “Who Are You?: On the Evolutionary Path That Can Lead to Transhumanism or Created in the Image of God?” by our very own Barber Coaker. I read it with interest and as I thought more and more about the ethical and theological ramifications of “transhumanism” it really started to dawn on me that often the things designed to liberate are the very things that bring oppression. Think about it like this: we have smartphones that are designed to make life easier and our lives more connected – and yet, the conversations I’m having with the education sector, are that phone usuage is one of the key issues in terms of depression, identity issues and bullying.

A few weeks ago I read with great interest a blog post by Libby Emmons, over at on this very thing: transhumanism.

So I thought I’d post these two links for your consideration! Enjoy!

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