They Found the Secret

This weeks book recommendation is called “They Found the Secret” by

The Pilgrim Church is a book by British author and missionary E.H. Broadbent. Tracing the pathway of Church history from Pentecost to the Twentieth Century this is an accessible and exciting read.

From the introduction:

Every now and then we come across a life that is radiant, …revealing a richness, a warmth, a triumph that intrigues and
challenges us. We typically find these lives in biographies out of the past. But, just when we begin to think that such people lived only in other days, we meet one in real life! …right in our own time!

The details of their experiences may vary greatly. As we listen to their stories and observe their lives, either in our reading or in our contact with them, we begin to see a pattern emerge that reveals their secret. Out of discouragement and defeat they have come into victory. Out of weakness and weariness they have been made strong. Out of ineffectiveness and apparent uselessness they have become efficient and enthusiastic

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