Thought for the day: Seeing faces

Seeing faces is important.

Watching expressions as people talk is important.

Watching expressions as they listen is important.

So, for example, I have no idea what face you are pulling right now. I don’t know if you are trying to work out where I’m going with all of this, or you are riveted.

Many of us feel overwhelmed by the lack of face-to-face right now. I know I do. I’m used to seeing around 1500 face a day. Now I’m reduced to 3.

Reading the gospels is always enlightening. Notice how many times the gospel writers says that Jesus “sees” those around Him.

Jesus saw Andrew and Peter and called them to follow. He saw Nathaniel and encouraged his heart. He saw the paralysed man and healed him. He saw the crowds and taught them. He saw the legalistic scribe and told him about love. He saw the hungry crowd and fed them. He saw the grief of Mary and Martha at the tomb of Lazurus and wept with them. He saw His own distressed mother and cared for her. He saw the blind man and revealed Himself as the Light of the World.

Everywhere that Jesus went He looks around and sees people and their need. He notices people.

He looks long enough to see people’s need and then moves in and is present with them.

Jesus lived His life seeing.

I wonder actually how much we miss.

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