Top 12 Sermons of 2012

At Calvary we love to study God’s Word because we love to hear about Jesus. Psalm 119 says that “I will delight in the Law of the Lord. I will mediate day and night” and so that is what we try and do. Normally around the beginning of January someone will ask me what the most popular bible teachings have been over the past year. Seeing as though we study the Bible systematically from the beginning of a book right through to the end most studies are from our main teaching through Genesis. Here’s the complete list:

  1. Genesis 15:7-21 – God meets with Abraham and tells him that He is his shield and exceeding great reward and then confirms his covenant with him. Hear it here
  2. Genesis 11:26-12:9 – God calls Abraham. The sermon talks about faith and mission. Hear it here
  3. Genesis 17:1-27 – God reconfirms his covenant with Abraham and gives him the sign of circumcision. The sermon really addresses the question: “What do Christians need to do?”  Hear it here
  4. Genesis 25:12-34 – Jacob and Esau are born. The sermon looks at the thorny issue of election. Hear it here
  5. Genesis 29:1-35 – My good friend Bill Diaper taught a session for me and his study became the 5th most listened to sermon of 2012. Hear it here
  6. Genesis 30:1-43 – One of the our Elders, Ray Kelly, taught for this session for me. Hear it here
  7. Genesis 16:1-6 – Ray Kelly again taught this session about Sarah and Hagar. Hear it here
  8. Genesis 19:1-26 – A sermon on Judgement Hear it here
  9. Ephesians 1:1-2 – this is the second in the series entitled “Deeper Church” and explores the idea of community. Hear it here
  10. Ephesians 1:1a – the introduction to the book of Ephesians and talks about how the church should be a place of gospel transformation. Hear it here
  11. Ephesians 1:3 – “The Deeper Church is a church who places God first”. Hear it here
  12. Stewardship and Open Treasures – the only topical study to make it on the list was given by my good friend Pastor Joel Turner from Calvary Chapel Calgary. Hear it here

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