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[Editor’s Note: When we heard about the shooting in Newtown, CT, we reached out to the local Calvary Chapel in Southbury. They are minutes from the elementary school where the shooting occured. Pastoral team is on the ground consoling and ministering to the families who lost loved ones. Below is the first update that they submitted.]

12/14/12 CC Southbury Update

“Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life” (John 6:68) Our Body and Community has been struck by a tragedy and we can do nothing more than throw ourselves on Him. There is no Healer besides Him. Please pray for our body as we seek to minister to our friends and neighbors – to point them to the Light of the world in the midst of darkness.

We are hosting on-going prayer at our Church and we have chaplains on the ground ministering to those affected by the shooting in Newtown, CT. Please also be praying for the Police, Fire, First Responders and others who are continuing to serve at the scene of this terrible crime. We will continue to update as we have information. Pray that the Lord will work mightily in the upcoming days and weeks.

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