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For you to discuss and engage in the spiritual life of your children here is what we looked at this week at Calvary Family Ministry.


The Christmas story: The wise men follow a star (Matthew 2)


Some time after Jesus’ birth, wise men appear looking for Him.


Talking Point:

Up to two years after Jesus’ birth, some wise men came to Israel looking for Him.  They had followed a sign of some kind, which they called His ‘star’, and since they were seeking a king, they went first to the place in which you would logically find one – Herod’s palace in Jerusalem.

Here we have men who had some knowledge already of the coming Messiah.  They expected Him and they looked for Him, and when they found the sign indicating that He had come, they went to find Him.  The wise men did not receive a special angel messenger as the shepherds did.   They did not have to be told to come and find Jesus as the shepherds were.  These men instead were actively searching for their Saviour, and upon finding evidence of Him, came actively searching for a personal relationship.  These men were not just getting on with their jobs, but were making time to look for the Lord.

Jesus came to save everyone: not just the wanted, but also the unwanted; not just the Jew but the Gentile also.  There may not always be a dazzling angel to show us the way, there are many different ways in which we can be pointed to Jesus.  But whatever the sign, God wants us to take time to learn about Him, about who He is, so that we can find Him and know Him personally.


Questions to discuss with your child:

Q: Why did Jesus come?

A: Jesus came to save us from our sins.

Discuss: Jesus wants us to spend time learning about Him.

Key Unit Passage:

Matthew 1:21

Next Week:

The Christmas story: The wise men find Jesus (Matthew 2)

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