“I have come to give you abundant life” – Jesus

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Run for ya Money!

2107 – Ecclesiastes 5:8-6:9- Things People Say: “Run for ya Money!”

What is the direction of your affections? Pastor Simon Lawrenson poses the question “Are you going to choose God or possessions?

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Last Weeks Sermon

In the House

2106 – Ecclesiastes 5:1-7 – Things People Say: “In the House”

Rich Wilson considers several questions such as Do you guard your steps when you come into the house of God? How do you prepare for Church on a Sunday? Are there disciplines you could put in place to help you focus on worshipping God? What steps can you take in your worship of God to make sure that you listen to him and are not rash with your mouth? How can you let your ‘yes be yes’ before God, not just before other people?

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Previous Weeks Sermon

It’s Better Together

Ecclesiastes 4:6-4:16 – Things People Say: “It’s Better Together” – What are the barriers to deeper relationships? Pastor Simon Lawrenson takes a look at envy, laziness and many other ways we allow our sin to block us from having deep fruitful friendships.

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