“I have come to give you abundant life” – Jesus

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A Word to the Wise

Ecclesiastes 8 – Things People Say: “A Word to the Wise”

What is wisdom? Is it wise to submit to another? If bad things happen to good people, why should you even consider being “good”, surely we all just end up in the same place?

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Last Weeks Sermon

Go Figure!

Ecclesiastes 7:15-7:29 – Things People Say: “Go Figure!”

As we continue through the book of Ecclesiastes, Pastor Simon Lawrenson takes a look at Solomon’s observations of good things happening to Bad people and bad things happening to good. Is our right standing with God a result of something that we need to do?

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Previous Weeks Sermon

When the Going Gets Tough

Ecclesiastes 6:10-7:14 – Things People Say: “When the Going Gets Tough”

Ed Jager considers what we should do when challenges and difficulty come, do you turn to God or do you respond in your own way? Do you trust in the Soverignty of God?

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