2 Samuel 1-10 – C&V Catch up

Here is a catchup from this weeks Chapter & Verse

The Big Story: Establishing David as King after the death of Saul.

Key word: Triumph (political, spiritual and military)

1. Political triumphs 2 Sam 1-5 – Abner sets Ish-Bosheth up as King over Israel. Long war between the house of Saul and the house of David. David’s house grew stronger and Saul’s house grew weaker. Abner then joins the house of David. Soon Ish-Bosheth is murdered and David is anointed King over Israel.

2. Spiritual triumphs 2 Sam 6-7 – David moves to Jerusalem, Ark of the Covenant also taken to Jerusalem with many celebrations. Receive the Davidic Covenant.

3. Military triumphs 2 Sam 8-10 – David defeated many nations and armies. He also took in Mephibosheth one of Jonathans descendants as he promised Jonathan.

The problem: War between the houses – prince of shame and the anointed king.

Route to Jesus: One title Jesus was given was Son of David. Where Saul’s kingdom of disobedience did not last, king David, a man after God’s own heart will have a kingdom for ever. Shows the process of our continual sanctification where the house of Saul (old man or the flesh) grows weaker and weaker, but Jesus living in us (David’s house) grows stronger and stronger. So how do we battle against sin and self? Like David, we should see the Lord. What does the Lord want you to do and be obedient to that.

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