1 Samuel 16-31- C&V Catch up

Here is a catchup from this weeks Chapter & Verse

The Big Story: Israel look for a King

Key word: Preparation

The problem: Israel was looking for a King to rule over them. A righteous and benevolent King.

How the problem is resolved: God was preparing David. He was taken from the wilderness and prepared for the kingdom, much like the rest of us. He faced many battles, not just physically as part of this preparation. David is often described as a man after God’s own heart and like all humans he was not perfect but was continually repenting for the things he’d done. It was God who gave David his victories and his wisdom.

Route to Jesus: Jesus is revealed through David because as soon as David had been anointed he went back to shepherding his sheep, showing humility. Both David and Jesus were sent by their fathers and were ridiculed by those they should have been accepted by, David by his brothers and Jesus by the Jews. Similarly David fought many times on behalf of Israel and was willing to lay down his life for them, Jesus gave his life for us and died in our place. The just for the unjust.

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