Away Day Highlights

Woah! What an amazing time we had last weekend at our Church Away Day. Here are my highlights:

  • The incredible service from our Life Groups – particular thanks to Geoff for the scavenger hunt, Felista for the rounders, paul for transporting our kit and Esther for the all-day tea and coffee service!
  • The BBQ was delicious – thanks Ollie!
  • The skittles competition was so much fun! I was just pleased Lorrie didn’t beat me!!! Thanks to Joe and Ali for organising this.
  • Watching Bill play zip zap boing – there is a video somewhere!
  • Our song for the day was “King Forevermore”. The lines that really resonated around the hall “Lifted high, the sinless man
    Crucified, the spotless Lamb, Buried by the sons of man, Rescued by the Father’s hand, To reign as King forever”. That’s to Chris, Joe and the team for leading so well!
  • There also seemed to be a genuine desire for us to do all things together – this really just made my day.


  • Our theme was Hebrews 13:20-21 and the two talks were focussed around how “God equips us in everything good to do His will”. We said:
    • Christians are generally blind to two things: Sin’s power and presence; God’s provision and process
      • We underestimate sin’s power over us and sin’s presence in us
      • We also undervalue God’s provision for sin and the process He takes to rid us of it
    • We are sheep in need of a Shepherd (v 20)
    • As long as Jesus is alive, I’m alive because He is alive in me (v 20)
    • God is working for my growth not my comfort (v21)
    • Some of the take-homes were:
      • Are we growing in our affection of Jesus?
      • Do we have a discernible spirit of repentance?
      • Do I have a personal responsibility for my spiritual growth?
      • Do I have a growing love for God and love for my neighbour?

We had such a good time that we’ve booked the same venue for next year. Date is to be confirmed!

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