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Every now and then I get asked what I’m listening to. As a musician, I find it incredibly difficult to find music that I just like listening to. In my opinion, so much music, Christian and secular, is overly commercial and extraordinary “samey”. So if you’re looking for some new tunes here’s what my current playlist looks like:

Strings of Light – Yussef Kamaal.

If you like British Jazz with a twist of electronic Dance Music then you’re in for a treat. Listen here

Nicotine – Meg Lawrenson

Of course, she is never far from my playlist – not only is she a crazy wonderful daughter … she’s become a really awesome singer-songwriter. Listen here

Mausoleum – Seryn

This starts as a pretty chilled out vibe – perfect for a sunny Saturday morning! Some profound lyrics … “In the walls of the mausoleum, And we’re all just trying to reach the other side” Listen here

Endless – Portico Quartet

Portico Quartet are an instrumental band from London and are well known for their use of the Hang (a weird but cool modern percussion instrument – think Steel Pan meets Cajon). Listen here

Our Lady – Mark Guilians Jazz Quartet

Sorry … if you don’t like Jazz then you can skip this one too. Listen here

Tico Tico – The Black Market Trust

On Tuesday I spend the day playing this on my sax with the Royal Marines Band Service so it’s standard .. gotta be on my list. Listen here

Symphony No 7 Op 92: Allegretto – Beethoven

This is another work-related piece. One of my ensembles that I direct are playing this in concert this week so again, gotta be on my list Listen here

King Forevermore (God The Uncreated One) – The A Cappella Company

How’s this for a choral version of one of my favourite songs – King Forever! Listen here

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