Being Church

With some churches deciding to meet back face-to-face and a growing idea that what we now face is an endemic rather than a pandemic, we want to invite you to a series of special events where we will be discussing how the church can continue to be formed, grown and flourished.

We’ve always said that the church isn’t a place we visit, but the church is the people of God. Now that we don’t have the opportunity to meet, how do we function as the church of God in the place that He has put us? What should our focus be? How can we eventually get back together?

Everyone has something to learn and something to say so please do come along and be part of the the conversation. There are three main 20 minute sessions with breakout discussions afterwards.

The event will be a Zoom meeting on Wednesday 5th August at 7:00pm. Access code is 812 2995 2460 or click here




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