Blessed Assurance

This is a great song for our current series through Romans where Paul is writing about assurance. Check it out and put it on repeat.


“Blessed Assurance” from our new album “Only a Holy God” recorded live at our church St Paul’s Castle Hill available to purchase at
© 2016 CityAlight Music

Words and music by
Michael Farren, Jaywan Maxwell, Rhyan Shirley, Nate Singh
CCLI 7073328

All my attempts to be satisfied
Were vain and empty
Until the moment you rescued me
And your love filled me

My soul sings
Now my soul sings

What blessed assurance
I’ve found in you
I’ve found in you
I won’t be shaken I will not be moved
How steadfast your strong hand
Is keeping me
Is keeping me
I won’t be shaken I will not be moved
Oh blessed assurance

No other love that I’ve ever known
Compares to you God
No other love that I’ve ever found
Has done what you’ve done

Ever my anchor
Ever my strength
Ever my portion
And all I need

Ever my healing
Ever my hope
Ever the truth that leads me home
That leads me home

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