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Mark 5 tells us that in a village on the shores of the Sea of Galilee – probably Capernaum – Jesus was on His way to visit the sick daughter of the ruler of the local synagogue. She was near death, and actually died before Jesus reached her; but on the way something unusual happened.

In the crowd with dozens pressing in on Jesus through the narrow streets of Capernaum, a woman secretly touched the hem of Jesus’ garment, and touched that hem in faith that she would be healed. Her faith was rewarded – she touched, believed, and was healed of a 12-year ailment.

Then Jesus did something very interesting. Mark 5:30 records the question Jesus asked: “Who touched My clothes?

It is interesting because Jesus asked the question for the benefit of the woman, not because He didn’t know who the person was. Jesus knew who touched Him, because Mark 5:32 tells us that He was looking right at her as He asked this question.

It is even more interesting when we see the response of the disciples; they were amazed that Jesus could ask this question. Given the situation, His disciples said to Him, “You see the multitude thronging You, and You say, ‘Who touched Me?’” The disciples understood that on the crowded street many people touched Jesus in some way. It was like being in a crowded elevator and asking, “Who touched me?” There might be four or five people making contact with you at any particular moment.

At the same time, the question of Jesus made perfect sense. Though many were in contact with Jesus, only one touched Him in faith. The disciples didn’t understand the difference between casual contact with Jesus, and reaching out to touch Him in faith.

We can imagine someone who because of the press of the crowd bumped up against Jesus. Perhaps some of those ones had needs that they wished Jesus would help. When the woman’s miracle was revealed, those people might say, “I bumped into Jesus, I touched Him – yet I was not healed.”

Yet there is a huge difference between bumping into Jesus here and there and reaching out to touch Him in faith. You can come to among the gathering of God’s people week after week and “bump into” Jesus. That isn’t the same as reaching out to touch Him in faith. Casual contact with Jesus is better than no contact at all; but the best connection with Jesus is that of active, believing faith.

There are some who go to church services or to some kind of gathering of Christians and feel that others receive something, but they do not. They wonder if somehow they are left out, that they don’t get it while most everyone else does. I can’t say that it applies to every situation, but in many cases the difference is that some reach out to Jesus in faith, and others just have some kind of casual contact with Him.

Not every contact with Jesus brings salvation. One can be in the presence of Jesus and (so to speak) bump into Him. Yet it is the determined, decided, dedicated believing connection to Jesus that brings all we need from Him.

Jesus knows it whenever someone reaches out to touch Him in faith, and He never disappoints them. Decide today to not be satisfied with merely casual contact with Jesus; reach out to Him with the same heart of faith that this woman had.

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